Red and yellow lights for the band performance of the host country. The Makemakes are giving a very nice retro performance bringing the good old days of music back.


“Our album is a rock album, but we also have some blues songs and really fast forward songs. It is fun to listen to it,” Dodo said. (source:


The Makemakes, founded in 2012, is a rock music band from Flachgau and from the district of Vöcklabruck. The name is derived from the dwarf planet Makemake, which in turn owes its name to the creating deity Makemake in the culture of the Easter island. Already one month after they were founded, their first single The Lovercall showed up in the domestic charts. The band consists of Dodo (Dominic) Muhrer (vocals), Max (Markus) Christ (bass) and Flo (Florian) X. Meindl (drums). The band became known in 2013 through its appearance as opening band for Bon Jovi in Vienna Krieau. And the single Million Euro Smile successfully made it to the charts in 2014. (source: