• Lawrence Gibb 4 years ago

    I have to disagree and it seems as if the whole world wants to put the boot into San Marino. Not all ESC fans are 20 some things or ageing gay clubbers (I am gay). I really like this song and for a musician like myself it offers more than a few repeated notes followed by a repeated line of chorus. I actually believe it’s going to be difficult to call all the qualifiers this year. It’s interesting that the reviewers like the Russian and Montenegrin songs which also harp back to an earlier musical time. Year on year this site slates San Marino’s efforts, as as is your right. I simply wish to stand up for them, for the legend that is Siegel/Meinungen and applaud them as far more competent musicians than many whose songs have captured your “love”

    • Olivier Rocher (France) 4 years ago

      We have absolutely nothing against San Marino. We are talking about songs here, not countries. Anyway, results may speak for themselves. They own the truth