• Vincent Gaydon 5 years ago

    La France est désespérément malchanseuse en ce moment !

    France 2012 – 21 Points
    France 2013 – 14 Points

  • Kris (@Killmouseki75) 5 years ago

    I posted a message here… and suddenly it’s gone. My opinion didn’t suit you? Very narrowminded of you guys. :))

  • Nelson Telleria (@NeRsHo) 5 years ago

    This page is just getting worst!!!…Germany…and Germany…and Germany…I love CASCADA but her voice today was awful, like the Spanish girl their voices were a disaster today…From perfect first rehearsals…to this disaster??…buddy you have to learn how to be a Journaist (I know you’re not)

  • Oibaf Saijem 5 years ago

    Those comments are completely unfair, lacking criterion and objectivity. Still preferring Germany’s song, as an example, I believe neither is Spanish song that bad not the German performance that good… I believe oikotimes said as well pastora soler was not going to enter the top 10 last year… well, far from the truth…

  • Ricardo Álvarez (@sawadi) 5 years ago

    Cascada fabulous dress???? Are you jornalist??? Come on, be honest! It is awfull!

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 5 years ago

    Oh shut the fuck up and enjoy