On Sunday 12 May, the City of Malmö, the Region of Skåne, SVT and the EBU warmly welcome their guests to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest during the Official Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party. To assure smooth logistics, the Official Opening Ceremony (for delegations) and the Welcome Party (for delegations, press and fans) have been separated.

Where and when
The Official Opening Ceremony, including the red carpet arrival which is open for P-accredited media, will take place at the Malmö Opera, starting 18:30 and ending latest 21:00. All accredited press are kindly urged to arrive no later than 18:15.

17:45 Doors open to accredited press mixed zone. Outside the Malmö Opera.
18:15 Mixed zone is closed. Outside the Malmö Opera.
18:30 Artists begin arriving to the the red carpet. Outside the Malmö Opera.
18:30 Red Carpet event starts. You can see it at the Euro Club Cinema.
20:30 to 22:00 Accredited press are served food and drinks at the Euro Club.
20:40 All artists have arrived at the Malmö Opera.
20:40 Bus transport for accredited press. From Malmö Opera to the Euro Club.
21:00 Opening Ceremony at the Malmö Opera begins.
21:30 Opening Ceremony at the Malmö Opera ends.

The red carpet
On one side of the 70 metre carpet, accredited media (P) will be lined up. A podium is available for photographers and camera crews. On the other side, the public is invited to cheer for their favourite artists. SVT makes a broadcast from the red carpet arrival, which will be streamed live on Eurovision.tv.

At 20:40, all the performers arrived. Then you are welcome to take our buses directly down to the Welcome Party at Euro Club. There you can see the Opening Ceremony and work in the cinema with wireless connectivity. Enjoy also a bite to eat and something to drink (until 22:00)!

We are one
Red Carpet Event and Opening Ceremony will also be broadcast on big screens outside the opera house and the theater at Euro Club and on Eurovision.tv. The evening Konferencierer is Pernilla Månsson Colt and Kodjo Akolor. As soon as the Opening Ceremony at Malmö Opera is finished, the delegations will be shuttled to the EuroClub, to join accredited press and fans for the Welcome Party In case of rainy weather, the logistics around the red carpet might be amended.