Today we have the second semifinal participants giving their first press conference after their second rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. We will not stream them live as the network here is too slow but we aim to bring you faster than yesterday reports and videos of the press conferences.

Krista Siegfrids represents Finland with the song “Marry me”. Krista was discovered during the TV show “The Voice of Finland” and combines music, dancing and acting and has performed in musicals, cabarets and gigs around the Nordic countries. Following on from the Finland’s second dress rehearsal today, Krista told us that she is very happy with the performance and the stage. Krista was asked if she was not worried about tripping over the high heels .. But she says that she has fallen many times prior to rehearsals but not worried for the semi finals. Since Carola won in 1991 with “Fangad av en Stormvind” Krista was hooked on Eurovision and just like Carola, Krista is hooked on Wind Machines!! With that Krista then stood at the front of the press conference desks and performed “Fangad av en Stormvind” with her handheld fan and danced all the Carola moves perfectly! Krista was asked who her idols were .. Carola is her Eurovision Idol, but The Spice Girls are her mainstream Idols. How was the song created was the next question in the conference and Krista responded by saying that the song was created with her boyfriend in mind .. She wants to marry him, but so far it’s not happened so Krista wrote the song to give him the idea. Krista is compared to Finland’s Lady Gaga and Finland’s Katy Perry, but she prefers to be known as Finland’s Krista Siegfrids. At the end of her performance she will kiss another female on stage .. A journalist asked Krista if she thinks this will be allowed .. Krista responds by saying that it’s 2013 and she thinks she should be able to kiss anyone she wants to. The message of the song is happiness, love and wants everyone to ding dong along with them in the semi final on Tuesday. Good luck Finland.

Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov represent Bulgaria with the song “Samo Shampioni” (Only Champions). Elitsa & Stoyan are no strangers to Eurovision after competing in the 2007 contest and giving Bulgaria their highest ever placing to date (5th). Meanwhile back to 2013 and Bulgaria have just completed their second dress rehearsal. Elitsa & Stoyan said that they were very comfortable on stage and have enough adrenalin within the song. As this is their second participation in Eurovision, Elitsa and Stoyan were asked how this participation differs from that of their 2007 entry “Water” .. Stoyan replied that no major changes apart from the backing team members .. The style of song and their music technique will never change. Elitsa says that their song “Samo Shampioni” is about the future and will be happy if it reaches all the children in the world as the children are the future. Elitsa & Stoyan were asked how they feel to be performing with many restrictions of instruments on stage, will this limit your performance? Stoyan said that it will not take away from our performance and are confident that their Olympic drum will bring them victory. Elitsa commented on her barefooted performance .. She said that she likes to be close to the earth, the roots and keeping grounded, like walking on the grass and feeling the closeness of nature. The backing group now performed one of their traditional choir songs and was a mix of vocal blends which really brought the understanding of Bulgarian folk music to the audience. Elitsa and Stoyan are very proud to be back representing Bulgaria once again after an invitation from Bulgarian television and the popularity from the Bulgarian people, Stoyan feels bigger pressure to create a stronger show than in 2007 because Bulgaria are expecting this. The reference of the mask on stage represents rituals to chase away the evil spirits and good health to the families. Good luck to Bulgaria in the semi final on Tuesday.

Eythor Ingi represents Iceland with the song “Eg a Liv” (I am alive). Eythor is from a small fishing town in northern Iceland called “Dalvik” which is the hometown of other ESC artists .. Fredrik Omar (Iceland 2008).and Hera Bjork (Iceland 2010). Eythor has built his musical experience up over the past 9 years and was nominated as best singer for his role as Riff Raff in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Meanwhile back to 2013 and Iceland have just completed their second dress rehearsal. Eythor said that their performance was “Perfect” and it was as they hoped that it would be. Eythor spoke of how he sings about his wife and children, who are 1.5yr, 6 yr & 9yrs old, when he sings “Eg a Liv”. Eythor really made the journalists laugh with his humour and light hearted attitude. He has been resembled as “God Like” by his looks and long hair … Eythor responded .. “I am my own god”.

One of the journalists asked how cold it was during the production of the video for the song .. -3c was the answer, and he said that he could hardly breathe during the video shoot as it was so cold. The meaning of the video, Eythor tells it is just an image to match the lyrics and assures us that it is not linked to a sailor. Eythor tells how nature is most important and you have to love your mother, and he feels powerful thoughts thanks to where he grew up. Eythor was then presented with a gift from one of the journalists … an Icelandic cushion to keep warm in the cold weather. Finally Eythor sang a special version of “Eg a Liv”, which was created only for the journalists here in Malmo .. It was very well received. Good luck to Iceland on Thursday night in the second semi final.

Gianluca represents Malta with the song “Tomorrow”. Gianluca is a Doctor by profession but comes from a family of talented musicians. Gianluca started his musical career on the piano accordion, but then switched to focus on singing and now has a wide range of musical ability from his prayer group to being the lead singer of a local band. Following on from Malta’s second dress rehearsal today, Gianluca told us
that he is quite happy with the performance and the stage and hopes that everything goes as planned in the semi final on Tuesday. As a Doctor, his trip here also included a visit to a children’s hospital in Lund , where he told us that he had an amazing time with the children and together he recorded a song with them in their recording studios. Dr “Feelgood” is now how he is being named because he felt good after this
visit to the children. Gianluca has just graduated as a Doctor, and was asked if after the contest he will continue as a Doctor or go to music full time. He responded by saying that it will depend on the result of his Eurovision participation, he will evaluate all afterwards.

Gianluca’s participation in Eurovision was due to his sister, Dorothy , who had encouraged him to take part in the Maltese National Final. She is Gianluca’s vocal coach and advisor also. He thanks her from the bottom of his heart. One of the journalists asked where the idea of the video clip came from. Gianluca replied the plan was to keep it simple and pick out a fun and retro feeling within the song. The bench and smiles are now Gianluca’s trademark. That is why the bench features on the stage. Malta are totally behind Gianluca, his song and performance and has received many cards of support prior to arriving in Malmo, he is very grateful. Gianluca tells us that he is quite a shy guy and is similar to Jeremy. The lyrics correspond to him in some form “risk assessment is his investment”. Good luck to Malta in Tuesday’s semi final.