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  • Alezandra Golubeva (@aleksptiz) 5 years ago

    Farid’s performance and staging is head and shoulders above the others!

  • FonHit Inge 5 years ago

    Farid, HOLD MEEEEEEEEEE, please !!!

  • Anastasiya Kravchenko 5 years ago

    Ukraine luuuvs u!!! Wanna visit ESC in Baku next year!)) Fo Farid!

  • Piotr Pietrzak 5 years ago

    12 points from Poland! Next year Eurovion will be in Baku!

  • Violetta Ivanova 5 years ago

    We WILL be back in Baku next year! Good luck, Farid! 12 points from Ukraine.

  • Žarko Rađenović (@Zarko_R) 5 years ago

    Hard work’s giving results! Go F!

  • Nataliya Vinogradova 5 years ago

    Farid should win with “Hold me”!!!

  • Vlad Eugen 5 years ago

    Azerbaijan is the best! It deserves to win!

  • Julia Dudash 5 years ago

    Go, Farid! Europe loves you!

  • Jennie Di Centa 5 years ago

    Italy <3 Fariiid!

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