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  • Ani Nairi 5 years ago

    By the way, who are you to decide who is hot or critizes one’s physical appearance. Is this a modeling contest or a song contest!

  • Ani Nairi 5 years ago

    I really don’t understand what the bloggers of this website have with the Dorians. IN every single post regarding the Armenian band it contains negative attitude and remarks. The fact that YOU don’t like their entry doesn’t say anything AT ALL! Others, as me might just like it. SO DON”T PUSH YOUR TASTE TO OTHERS. Regarding the rumors you so speculatively mention about Armenian delegation being involved in handing out phone cards IS SOOO Something for another country that is FAMOUS in carrying out SUCH fraudulent activities. Such as carrying people with the bus from one to another neighboring country for votes. Armenians don’t spend money on such activities. Not to mention SHAMELESSLY BREAKING HUMAN RIGHTS such as arresting, assaulting and humiliating people just for their votes for which it seems certain countries are immune or in a favorable position as instead of being banned from the contest as per EBU rules they get a fine of € 5.000, a country that spends millions into their entry as they buy EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. EVEN IN CIVILAZED AND ‘CORRUPT FREE’ EUROPE!!
    So dear oikotime members / bloggers stay true to the IDEA behind this whole contest, that is Unity of people of Europe and the diversity that they bring to this contest that makes what it is now!

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