On May 1st Azerbaijani entry for Eurovision 2014 Dilara Kazimova and her fellow contestant Hungarian entry András Kállay-Saunders did a volunteer shift at animal shelter Dyreværnets in Copenhagen. A volunteer shift started with a tour around the shelter and a short instruction how to treat animals. Dilara and Andras had a chance to see how dogs, cats, and rabbits live there, been taken care of and cured. Then they took out for a walk two dogs: a sausage dog called Nana and Jack Russell Terrier named Quick. Touched Dilara and Andras also gave their special tags to Nana and Quick saying “From Azerbaijan with Love” and “From Hungary with Love”

Dilara is an activist for animal protection in Baku. She’s got a beautiful sausage dog and a cat back in Azerbaijan. She doesn’t wear fur and takes part in charity events aimed to raise awareness on animal rights in society. “I was very interested to see how shelter is organized and managed in Denmark, so that maybe one day I can open my own in Baku? The visit was very emotional and I wanted to adopt every single dog there. They are so cute and loving!” says Dilara. After the visit Dilara got another idea how to contribute to Dyreværnets shelter. She will reveal details about this project on May 2nd at 16:50 during her official press conference at Eurovision 2014.

The guest of the yesterday’s talk show was Vitaliy MILONOV, a member of the Russian Assembly, Russian politician and Member of the Legislative Assembly, who is also the author of the law for prohibiting any kind of gay propaganda in Russia, claimed to boycott this year’s Eurovision. According to his words, “Russia must not participate in Eurovision on the same stage with Conchita Wurst, and Russia must be back only when there will not be “anything” like this in Eurovision again. This politician is also known for stating that gay athletes could be considered as a subject of arrest, if promoting homosexuality in the Sochi Olympic games.

The host of this talk show, also made a subject of suspect the victory of Emmelie de Forest, complaining about the voting system and political situation. Russian National Broadcaster’s talk show, which was meant to be a show for seeing off the Tolmachevy twins, turned into a show, full of intolerance, hatred and politics. Having alarge audience in Russia and in CIS countries, it is unacceptable for the National Broadcaster of Russia to spread this kind of intolerance and hate speech. In the link you can find an article about the issue (in Russian)

Today, May 1st, Ukrainian representative at Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Mariya Yaremchuk and all Ukrainian delegation in Copenhagen, Denmark, shown their support to Ukrainian people in such difficult times. Mariya and her team stated “Proud to be Ukrainian” at special analog interactive pixel screen – Happy Wall which became huge art work from wooden boards in the middle of Copenhagen.