BELGRADE, SERBIA – The 2007 Eurovision winner, Marija Šerifović is about to release her brand new album, entitled “Confession”. The album is the third phase of the “Confession” project which began with a bio-documentary on Marija’s life and the thrill of winning Eurovision. The second phase of the project consisted of the release of her book, also entitled “Confession”. In the book, the Eurovision winner describes her childhood, growing up, musical achievements, her personal relationships and disappointments.

Besides the new album, which comes out in May, the singer has recently released a series entitled “Confession” which consists of eight 24-minute episodes which are named Truth, Salvation, Victory, Forgiveness, Faith, Energy, Destiny and Secrets. Each episode is a separate entity and they all describe the turning points in Marja’s life. The short episodes have proved very popular both in Serbia and the region.

Marija Šerifović won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest for Serbia on its first appearance as an independent country with the entry “Molitva” (Prayer). She has since been involved in many Eurovision events, most recently appearing in Baku at the 2012 edition of the contest, performing classic Eurovision hits during the interval act of the second semi final.