• Mareva Imvu 3 years ago

    She failed because the Greeks voted on her in the NF. I still don’t understand how she won the ticket to represent Greece in the ESC. I hope that next time that a song like An Sou Lipo by Despina Vandi (ethnic ballad), or something in the same style as the songs to Tsalikis will represent Hellas.

  • milosperisic 4 years ago

    Christ, which part of ESC voting you didn’t understand? I usually love Greek entries, every year: Helena my all time favourite, Sakis (both times) sooo hot + Shake It – one of the best songs on ESC ever, powerful Anna Vissi, then the guy who was singing Yassou Maria, then My Secret Combination, then the bear-daddy with ”Opa”. And then something is about to change. You sent the guy with Watch My Dance and that was ok-ish. Then Alcohol Is Free – terrible. Then Aphrodisiac – blunt. Then Rise Up – just bad. And now this. She is a good singer, and her song is good, but not good enough – just another balled on the contest packed with ballads. What happened with the Greek recipe for ESC success? Traditionally beautful music, so many good singers (Peggy Zina, Despina, Sakis Arseniou! (he can shake!)). Just be yourself and you will have better result. Celine Dion ballad is not people expect from Greece.