MARGARET BERGERThis year’s favorite MGP 2013. “I Feed You My Love” performed by Margaret Berger won both the jury and the televoting with a huge marginal. She got 102 000 televotes from all over Norway and that was double as many as number two Adelén.

Overall a victory for the young and new artist’s as well as modern music one can sum up tonight. For Adelén as well as Annsofi we have two new Norwegian stars on the rising. For Margaret Berger there will be an international journey beginning from now on.

The composers of the song “I Feed You My Love” concluded that it’s a brave choice for Norway to go with this song. – This is a winners candidate for the Eurovision in Malmö. This is a fantastic moment in my life as a composer, Niklas Olovson tells right after Margaret’s victory.

Audience in Spectrum shouted – We are so proud of you Margaret, We are so proud that you will represent Norway in Malmö. It was a magic night in Oslo. Norway are yet again one of the top favorites to win Eurovision.