SPAIN – Having obtained last place on the Eurovision scoreboard with “Do it for your lover”, Manel Navarro took part in his first official post-Eurovision interview.

The interview focussed on his new song, taking place on a private Spanish television network and Manel confirmed that he has had a bad time on account of the result obtained in Kiev. He did however confirm that now was the time to hold his head up and look to future goals.

During the interview he claimed that what happened was not the fault of RTVE and that maybe the public disliked the song. Manel claiming that at times he got upset with all the negativity surrounding his selection and that he didn’t mean any of the comments directed at Eurofans during the National Final.

He considered the song to be inferior to other acts at the final, notably when comparing himself to eventual winner, Salvador Sobral, he claimed that they were miles apart. He considered Portugal as his favourite fromt he start of events in kiev and that there is no special formula for Eurovision.

His one complaint was for the song, which he claims is not to his style and that he would be happy to take part once more in Eurovision but with a totally different kind of song.

There was some humour directed at the performance of Manel at Eurovision, especially as he famously failed to hit a high note during his moments on stage.

The jokes mostly aimed as saying that it was all done on purpose, which it clearly wasn’t but concluding the interview, Manel Navarro confirmed that he has two concerts lined up for June, in Barcelona and Madrid.

In the meantime in this post you can listen to the new song of Manel.