SPAIN – As news of Salvador Sobral retiring from the stage due to ill health makes the rounds in Portugal and throughout the Eurovision family, people are concerned as to the extent of the problem.

It is believed that his problems are due to a heart condition, something which already plagued him before Eurovision 2017 with stories circulating that he wouldn’t be performing at Eurovision itself until the final. Ultimately he mad both the semifinal and final but did not attend any of the earlier Eurovision warm-up events.

For many Portuguese, the accomplishment of winning Eurovision is like winning the European football Championships, a feat achieved in 2016. Salvador achieved good album sales but nothign extraodinary however his Eurovision song “Amar pelos dois” has become a beloved song in Portugal, it is sang in harmony by crowds at concerts.

In the most recent concert which Salvador gave, there was a feeling of concern surrounding his health but people encouraged him to make a strong comeback and overcome his ill health.

Among those looking for Salvador to make a quick comeback was Spanish Eurovision 2017 representative, Manel Navarro, who sent him a message of goodwill. He stated on his social media channel “When your heart is tired, use mine. You will always have mine for the two of us”