Maltese Prime Minister: if we win we host it again!

VALLETTA, MALTA – Joseph Muscat, Malta’s prime minister made it clear to the press and the delegation of Malta that the country will host the contest again in 2015 if they win next Saturday.

This is not a surprise if you are in Malta as the entire island is feeling the heat of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. From we spoke with many Maltese during our tour in the city and although they would prefer a trophy in senior Eurovision they are assuring us that next Saturday we will see the most spectacular show ever in he history of Junior Eurovision.

When we asked them is they want to host it again, they were absolute: yes, we want to keep the contest and therefore the international interest in the island.

From secure sources, we got the information that the government already secured funds to host the contest again. Most Maltese are sure they will win again as they see Federica as the wonder-girl who’s performance is going to be stunning next Saturday.

Been in the island of the knights for three days, we have to say that we wouldn’t mind at all to come back again next year!

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  1. Sorry. Gaia Cauchi (2013) was better. I’d feel better if one of my personal favorites won.
    *San Marino

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