COLOURVISIONNational finals season is just getting to it highest peak and the organisers of Eurovision are already preparing for interval acts. They are planning to envolve students from Malmo and Scania region to perform this year’s winning song. Already 300 people have been on auditions and only 50 of them will be selected to rehears all of this year’s entries. Later everyone will be assigned with one of participating countries.

Everyone of them will be choached by Mattias Carlsson, man behing Rybak’s choreography, but also Mattias Kagemark, a backing vocalist and dancer that performed many times on Eurovision, but Melodifestivalen also. There is also another idea that younger students will express their imagination through pictures, poetry, film, song, music and dance. Their work will be used as a decoration for public transport and coaches during the contest.

The third project will envolve students from Malmo vocational college. Organisers want to use their artwork on buildings arround Malmo city centre. You can vote for the best artwork until this Sunday here.