• Evangelia Gerontaki 4 years ago

    Norway!!! Totally agree!
    But Uk fifth WTF? Italy is underrated in her top should be in the top 5.I hope San Marino on the 3rd position is a joke!But the others are well placed.
    A monster like me is a masterpiece (lyrics,voices,the duet,the dark tonew,the last chorus,the bridge…)Unique artists!Just amazing.
    I really hope is Oslo 2016!

  • Eaftomou Krymmeno 4 years ago

    With all due respect for Mrs. Lyss Asia because of her age, but where is Greece with, as many listeners say (not me), “the Queen of Eurovision’s” era kind of ballad in her top? I don’t see it anywhere! Is this some kind of a joke? Such a powerful and melodic ballad simply left out?

  • Dimi Fanakidis 4 years ago


  • afil86tr 4 years ago

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