VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Any Eurovision fan would remember the glamorous Austrian entry in 2000: The three « Motown » divas The Rounder Girls and their song « All To You » who finished 14th in Stockholm’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Unfortunately, one of the girls, Lynne Kieran, passed away. The cause of the death is still unknown as it happened unexpectedly yesterday, at the age of 53.

Lynne Kieran (UK), Kim Cooper (US) and Tini Kainrath (Austria), created the Rounder Girls in 1993, and released no less that 11 albums with great success.

Their last performance was last Saturday in Purkersdorf, and we still don’t know if the Rounder Girls will survive Lynne’s death.

All our thoughts go to Lynne’s relatives and friends, as well as Kim and Tini.

To remember her brilliant voice, here is a video of a performance she gave 2 years ago, as a solo artist for the opening of the Vienna Festival…

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