• August Barot (@AugustBarot5) 6 years ago

    also, the following Eurostars are nominated in world music awards (I know there is a post but it has changed recently):
    Best song = Euphoria, Loreen
    Best video = N/A
    Best album = Celine Dion sans attendre (Switzerland 1988)
    Best group = serebro, but DO NOT VOTE, serebro’s recent success is NOT due to their Eurovision 2007 participation and they have dismissed Eurovision’s role in their career…
    Best female artist = Loreen (Also celine dion, but vote for Loreen, obviously)
    Best male artist = Dima Bilan (also Philip kirkorov, Russia 1995, but he placed 17th and Eurovision is way more important for dima bilan’s success than it is for kirkorov’s)
    Best live act = celine dion
    Best electronic artist = afrojack (judge NF netherlands 2012) or bob sinclar (copresenter for Italian audience during eurovision 2011 broadcasting).
    Best entertainer = all of the above apart from serebro because they’re a group (and, read the above statement), plus Timati, NF Russia 2012, but vote for Loreen, and maybe Dima Bilan.

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 6 years ago

    one of the best