The thirteenth Eurovision Song Contest which took place in the Royal Albert Hall in London was the first Eurovision Song Contest to be broadcast in colour. The bookmakers were sure of another British victory since Cliff Richard – who had dominated the European charts for several years already – decided to represent his native country.
Congratulations… with your second place!

France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom broadcast the 1968 contest in colour despite the fact that very few TV-viewers at home owned a colour TV set. However, colour was here to stay and all song contests since then have been broadcast primarily in colour. Some countries hired foreign singers to sing for them: Germany was represented by Norwegian Wenche Myhre and Austria’s entry was performed by Karel Gott from Prague.

About the winner

The 1968 Eurovision Song Contest turned out to have a nailbiting finish when the United Kingdom entry and big favourite Congratulations by Cliff Richard was beaten by just one point by Spain’s Massiel. Originally Massiel’s song La La La was supposed to be sung by Spanish singer Joan Manuel Serrat who wanted perfom the song La, La, La in Catalan. However, Juan Manuel Serrat’s wish of singing in his native tongue was not met by the Spanish officials, and Juan Manuel was replaced by Massiel who sang the same song in Spanish.

The 1968 Eurovision Song Contest was not only broadcast in the participating countries, but also all of Eastern Europe and Tunisia could follow it; For Katie Boyle, it was already her third Eurovision Song Contest as a presenter, but not her last: Mrs. Boyle would return for yet another contest just as the unlucky Cliff Richard!


01 Portugal Carlos Mendes Verão 005 11
02 Netherlands Ronnie Tober Morgen 001 16
03 Belgium Claude Lombard Quand Tu Reviendras 008 07
04 Austria Karel Gott Tausend Fenster 002 13
05 Luxembourg Chris Baldo and Sophie Garel Nous Vivrons D’amour 005 11
06 Switzerland Gianni Mascolo Guardando Il Sole 002 13
07 Monaco Line and Willy A Chacun Sa Chanson 008 07
08 Sweden Claes-Göran Hederström Det Börjar Verka Kärlek,
Banne Mej
015 05
09 Finland Kristina Hautala Kun Kello Käy 001 16
10 France Isabelle Aubret La Source 020 03
11 Italy Sergio Endrigo Marianne 007 10
12 Un. Kingdom Cliff Richard Congratulations 028 02
13 Norway Odd Børre Stress 002 13
14 Ireland Pat McGeegan Chance Of A Lifetime 018 04
15 Spain Massiel La, La, La… 029 01
16 Germany Wencke Myhre Ein Hoch Der Liebe 011 06
17 Yugoslavia Luci Kapurso and Hamo Hajdarhodzic Jedan Dan 008 07

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