KYIV, UKRAINE – The first national final of the season, Фінал національного відбору на ПКЄ-2014, is taking place this morning in the Ukrainian capital and Kyiv is going to give us the first Eurovision 2014 entry. 20 songs will participate this year in the national selection while 56 entries submitted to NTU for the Eurovision 2014 national selection. Few words about Ukraine: The country entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and won in 2004. They hosted the 2005 Eurovision edition and also hosted the Junior Eurovision edition in 2009 and 2013. For more historic facts and figures of Ukraine we suggest you visit the history pages of


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    With a small delay the show began and the two hosts presented the jury of the show and started immediately the show. The postcards of the show presented the artists in front of a Ukrainian Eurovision logo asking the viewers to vote for them. Nothing special but it’s something common in national finals across Europe. We also have to notice that the streaming quality was very bad. Every four songs we go to the green room where the co-host is asking those already performed about their feelings after their performance on stage and we also listening to English commentator explaining what their song was all about. The male host of the show is of course Timur! Everytime Ukraine has a show Timur is hosting it… (no comment).

    We are back with the show highlights now that all songs performed. The main thing is that the few audience attending the show are literally apathetic and they don’t seem to express hot feelings for the artists. The round up video with all performance begin for the tele voting to commence. During tele voting the interval acts presented: Sofia Tarasova (2nd in Junior Eurovision 2013) performed. Amongst interval acts we also saw Mika Newton (Ukraine 2010) on stage as well. Another Eurostar of course to perform was Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine 2013).


    Fourth entry came from Marietta – It’s my live and it was the first descent tune and performance we noticed. Not a winner but the performance was very good although colourful dresses for the singer and the backing singers, the bid was descent enough to win our sympathy. Anatoly Shparov – Waiting for you is the sixth entry. Sunglasses for the singer and the four male dancers. Interesting and funny entry but definitely not the winner but we kinda like here (I am having friends over to celebrate this national final, don’t ask me why) the fun mood of this entry. Natalia Valevska – Love makes you beautiful is song number 7 and it’s the first one that we can call it a Eurosong, suitable maybe for Eurovision 2014 under Ukrainian flag. Interesting tune although if this wins the choreography should change by default.

    The reason I really like Lisa Vassabi – No fear, is that the song is totally different and original from what we have heard. Alternative and with a very original presentation could be an asset for Ukraine in Eurovision. Very impressive in its simplicity! Vocally Lisa is amazing! Vladimir Tkachenko – Be where you are is the 9th entry of the national final and the stage is full of smoke. The singer is accompanied by a band and they all look interesting. Vlad is quite handsome and with his guitar gives a flawless performance of his mid tempo balls. Very good entry although cannot see it winning today. But definitely an applause for Vlad here! In a white dress we got the 10th entry: Shanis – My Soul. Very interesting tune and very good vocal performance with one violinist and two female backing singers on stage. Interesting ballad! I like ti very much for its quality mostly.

    The 2008 Junior Eurovision participant presents her act, Victoria Petrik – Love is lord. The stage presentation is quite interesting with a very strong vocal performance. I hate though the dress and the hair which make her kinda slutty but the song is good (to be fair) although kinda monotonous. Maybe a new production could help it. Someone has to fire her stylist though! No, group “NeAngely” – Courageous are not drag queens but they give an outstanding Eurovision performance. Totally Eurosong, the song is considered a hot favourite today. Well if they manage to give a good vocal performance they could make it to Copenhagen. They will be loved by the gay fans for sure! Artistic performance by Illariya – I’m alive. The lighted dress and the flawless vocals are interesting enough to make it as another personal favourite of mine. Difficult tune for the viewers to understand though. The simplicity and the alternative sound of the song make it quite unique for me. It won’t win but I would love to listen it again.

    Tanya Shyrko – Let go is next on stage and we have another interesting tune with a very good voice. Artistic performance and stage presentation but the song turns to be indifferent somehow. I am not sure the dynamic of this song can make it win. The ballet act behind the singer is quite interesting but the camera is not focusing too much to it. Impressive choreography though. Tanya BerQ – Believe me is a young singer who with her alternative style and flawless vocal performance makes this song quite interesting. This ballad is quite interesting and could impress everyone with the amazing vocal performance but somehow it could be lost in a Eurovision Song Contest as it is too simple. Strong but weak at the same time! Impressive introduction for the Mary Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock entry. I love the tune which is quite Ruslana-style. Perfect stage presentation and I love it from the first minute. This is definitely a memorable tune although black leather clothes could change later on. This one can really win today, well I would love to anyway!


    The bid act that opened the show, Anna Maria – 5 Stars Hotel, was a duet which was nothing to talk about literally. Blue and red gowns for the two artists and their hands painted in blue and red colours. One half naked dancers accompanied them on stage. The second entry of the day, Roman Polonsky – Wanted dead or alive was also nothing special. I personally don’t like when men are going on stage wearing sun glasses! Four female backing vocalists are accompanying the singer in a ballad that was also completely indifferent and without any Ukrainian element in it. Well I was in a very good mood today with this first national final of the season but ULI RUD – Tsvetok is really dreadful and I truly wonder who selected this song for the final. Absolutely voiceless and a stage presentation / choreography without a meaning. Definitely not a winner!

    The fifth entry was somehow descent. Stas Shurins – Why could do something in the local music industry but not in Eurovision. Vocally not a bad entry but the song is so mediocre and so indifferent that doesn’t stand a real chance today. Eugene Litvinkovych – Strelyannaya bird is performing a ballad which is a bit old fashioned especially with the Ukrainian language. Somehow it’s like I am listening to Alla Pugacheva on stage! Not bad song but it’s so outdated that makes me consider it as a bad song for Ukraine in Eurovision 2014. Victor Romanchenko – At the edge of the abyss is presenting us an artistic and alternative entry. Although very good-looking his rock performance is not good and his voice breaks every now and then during the song. Definitely too Ukrainian rock for Europe to even consider it as a good entry. This singer could perform a much better song a more international tune. Sorry but this is tasteless.

    Anna Khodorovska – If there is love is an interesting ballad with an averagely good vocal performance. Anna has a male and a female backing vocalist. The song is good but it’s one of the same. Nothing original, a song that we have listened to Eurovision thousands of times. Not a winner for sure. Dennis Lyubimov – Love is the last entry performed today. Too Americna style song which is not bad especially if you listen the good vocals of Dennis during he performance. Not a bad entry at all but it will be lost in Copenhagen and impress no one.


    24 points – Mariya Yaremchuk- ”Tick-Tock”
    17 points – Viktoria Petryk- ”Love Is Lord”
    16 points – Volodimir Tkachenko- ”Byti tam de ti”
    16 points – Viktor Romanchenko- ”Na krayu propasti”
    14 points – Natalia Valevska- ”Love Makes You Beautiful”
    14 points – neAngely- ”Courageous”
    14 points – Illaria- ”I’m Alive”
    12 points – Evgeny Litvinkovich- ”Strelyanaya ptitsa”
    10 points – Shanis- ”Moya dusha”
    09 points – Stas Shurins- ”Why”
    09 points – Lissa Wassabi- ”No Fear”
    08 points – Anatoly Shparev- ”Waiting For You”
    06 points – Tatiana Shirko- ”Let Go”
    06 points – Roman Polonsky- ”Wanted Dead Or Alive”
    05 points – Marietta- ”It’s My Life”
    05 points – Denis Lyubimov- ”Love”
    04 points – Anna-Maria- “5 Stars Hotel”
    04 points – Tania BerQ- ”Believe Me”
    03 points – Anna Hodorovska- ”Yesli yest lyubov”
    02 points – Uli Rud- ”Tsvetok”

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