KREUZLINGEN, SWITZERLAND – Good evening to you all who are following our live report of the Swiss national final. Tonight we will hear 8 songs and only one of them will go to Denmark. Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow will be the show through which Switzerland will decide its entry and artist, a process which passed a marathon of selection, internet voting, expert juries and three national broadcasters.



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    Christian Tschanz – Au Paradis
    First up on stage was Christian Tschanz with Au Paradis. His song is nice but monotonous ballad. He has some fans there in the audience, but I wonder if he wins, how would he end up at Eurovision.

    3ForAll – Together Forever
    Next up on stage are 3 for all with song Together Forever. They have a potential summer hit. With the first notes it sounds like Mandinga’s song from Baku. It seems that the crowd likes them. I would also describe them as Alcazar from Switzerland. Also to mention that after all competing songs are performed, every contestant will sing a cover of a Eurovision song.

    Nino Colonna – La Luce Del Cuore
    Nino is followed by four backing vocalists and a guitar player. His song also has an uptempo and the most cute moment of his performance was when he went into the crowd and gave a rose to one lady.

    Yasmina Hunzinger – I Still Believe
    Now we have one lady on stage and her song is called I still believe. Yasmina’s song is a ballad, but not so powerfull. She is wearing a big black dress with orange details. Despite the song’s quality she has a really powerfull voice. In the end a firework waterfall was involved, what in recent years proved like a recipe for victory. Crowd over there is very democratic since everyone is cheering for every act. Well at least until now.

    Natacha & Stéphanie – Une Terre Sans Vous
    Two young girls are now on stage in beautiful white dresses singing in French. A band is accompanying them. They also have two glowing balls on stage. At first they sounded really well, but as time was passing by it seemed like they got stage frightened. Again a big applause from the public.

    Sebalter – Hunter Of Stars
    And just like our host said, last but not the least, we will hear the last song that is in the race for ticket to Denmark. Sebalter also has a band with him on stage. A totally folk song, It has a good rhythm. Again fireworks were involved, but this time the circling ones. Public seemed to like more while he was performing than after he finished.


    And the voting has just started. While recap is on I would like to say that all in all, director did a very good job. Yellow lights were dominating the stage. Bad thing is that songs are just not as good as they were in last few years. In the end I would like to see 3 for All on Eurovision stage this May. Stay with us to see how the contestants performed Eurovision covers. 3forAll’s cover song is All for love. They are on special part of stage, surrounded by fire. One of the girl was playing the piano. All of them were dressed very elegant. Again crowd gives them a big round of applause.

    While we are waiting for votes to be counted, a special guest is on stage. And it is non other then our winner from last year – Emmelie de Forest. Of course, the flute guy is there too. Like every time the song is being performed, stage and lights are in gold, but this time there were no fireworks involved.

    RESULTS: 50% JURY – 50% PUBLIC

    01. Sebalter – Hunter of Stars
    02. Yasmina Hunzinger – I Still Believe
    03. 3 For All – Together Forever
    04. Christian Tschanz – Au paradis
    05. Nino Colonna – La luce del cuore
    06. Natacha & Stéphanie – Une terre sans vous