UKRAINE – Welcome to Kyiv and the International Exhibition Center. Today the press rehearsal for the second semi final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest takes place. Anastasis Bachas is again online to report you all about the live performances. Make sure you follow us also on for the latest updates. It’s also a last call for Europrediction which due tomorrow at 20:00 CET. So you better go to and cast your vote.

The intro of the second semi final includes the usual traditional women dressed up in national costumes. Then the hosts are presenting their own music number on stage playing the Ukrainian sopinka and accordion featuring Euphoria, Farytale, My number one and Rise like a phoenix in a unique and most LOL way with Ukrainian traditional singers performing them: HILARIOUSLY lovely!

delay is due to repeated opening act to resolve technical problems

SERBIA : Tijana Bogicevic is really going into deep by opening the second semi final. She is in a white transparent swimsuit -dress and the Led screen is projecting underwater camera filming .This is the way to get us into the atmosphere of the entry. The song is balancing between ballad and beat without having a clear ID . Vocally is not really demanding. Few possibilities to qualify.

AUSTRIA: After been fallen into deep we are going to run on air with Austria. The little prince of Austria Nathan Trent wants to shows us the positive side of life that whatever you do whatever you want you got to get of your…He is alone on stage in most of the song with his silver moon and his great voice that are more than enough to fill up the stage. A very nice song full of innocence. Very possible to qualify even though it’s not a competitive song.

FYR MACEDONIA: Jana Burčeska is doing exactly what her song says. She is dancing and singing alone on the stage of Kyiv with herself in many screens on the background. A pure dance title with clear ID. Wearing not too many clothes herself and having in a tempting mood she is will definitely be very popular among the male fans. A lot of people here in Kyiv believe it’s the best entry from FYROM so far. Very possible to qualify.

MALTA: We have the first ballad for tonight with the Maltese entry. Claudia Faniello is the sister of Fabricio Faniello that has represented Malta twice. Her ballad is kind of old fashioned that were really popular in the past at the competition. Her staging is really plain, her in white dress blue background on the LED screen the sea and the sky. Its a really classy performance but I see really few possibilities to qualify. My complain about Malta is that we have never heard the Maltese language on stage.

ROMANIA: Ilinca and Alex Florea are singing celebration and fun. They make it more than obvious with the way they sing ,the colorful background and the cannons they ride on stage! A really happy song that either you love it or you hate it. her voice is really special and able to perform the “Yodel it”. Very possible to qualify.

THE NETHERLANDS: We see three sisters on stage Lisa, Amy, and Shelley Vol, who named their group OG3NE and have represented Holland in Eurovision Junior in 2007. Here in Kyiv more mature and experienced sing about the light and shadow moments in life and how to get through difficulties. A very positive girly song from three really smart faces. Her voices are great and the staging is pretty simple. Reminds us a bit of the “Glee” performances. Not a clear pass for the Grand Final.

HUNGARY: Joci Pápai is Romani and sings in the Hungarian language. It’s the first ethnic song for tonight and the first time that a country sings in its own language. The whole staging is oriental with a sexy female dancer . The Romani violin has a special position on the staging being performed live on stage B. Possible to qualify for the final as almost the only ethnic entry.

DENMARK: This year Denmark sends Anja and her great voice but maybe is the only great thing on the whole performance. The song in not something special, reminds of something you have heard many times in the past with not any emotion. The staging is one of the most neutral tonight with no special concept. It’s a pity that countries like Denmark that have big national selection festival to end up with such poor entries. I think Denmark will not qualify this year.

IRELAND: The “Harry Potter” from Ireland Brendan Murray is the representative of youth innocence and hope that is not afraid to risk to learn how to fly! His balloon will help him with that on stage! A nice clear ballad that reminds us the old days of glory that Ireland had. Very possible to qualify even thought we have seen already a lot of ballads under the Kyiv “mushroom” stage.

SAN MARINO: The 4th time for Valentina Monetta and Ralph Siegel, composer of the song, at the Eurovision song contest for San Marino. This year with an extra boost from the American singer Jimmie Wilson. Their song “Spirit of the night” reminds us of old disco hits with a little more beat on it but still is kind of old fashioned ,in a bad way. The chorus is a bit weak even though the song sounds promising at the beginning. The colorful “disco” stage and the party mood for sure will wake up the arena after the previous ballads but not sure if they will bring enough votes for qualification.

CROATIA: Jacques Houdek is having a chat with his self in English and Italian and with different voices actually. This is the opera song of this year ! It’s a positive song about the way you can see life. Even though his voice is stunning and it’s amazing the way he can change from the one way to the other I think the song has few possibilities to qualify for the final.

NORWAY: JOWST is this year’s Norwegian representative with a song out of the Eurovision standards and cliché . A little bit of rap and pop sound with a quiet simple sound has the title of the “cool” song of this year. Maybe a nice song to listen on the radio on a day that you have a lot of pressure but I don’t see is as a song to remember at the end of the eighteen performances. I see few possibilities to qualify.

SWITZERLAND: It’s been many years that we are waiting for a nice surprise from Switzerland and it seem like we are going to wait a bit more. Timebelle don’t introduce anything new at the competition. An average song with a bad staging. I find the projections of the Led screen a bit amateur and the yellow stairs one of the most cliché thing on the competition. Think there are very few possibilities for qualification.

BELARUS: The second time tonight that one country sings on her own language…ok maybe the third if we count Ireland as well. Naviband are getting married on stage and they want to celebrate with us. Almost a folk song, either you like or just skip it. Personally I think there are few possibilities to qualify.

BULGARIA: Bulgaria is one of the top countries for this semi final . Kristin Kostov is very emotional on the stage ,he is the youngest performer we see tonight. The whole staging is very atmospheric and Bulgaria is keep on doing well during the rehearsal and the live performances. Maybe it’s the song the will win the tonight semi final. Bulgaria uses more than any other country the screen device.

LITHUANIA: I find the Lithuanian entry as the weakest tonight. The song is not a good selection and I find it a bit annoying . The stage is not having anything special and Fusedmarc will not convince the viewers to vote for them. Really few possibilities to qualify.

ESTONIA: One of the best entries for tonight. Koit Toome & Laura maybe they are lost in Verona but not lost on the stage of Kyiv at all…or maybe for a while. Its smart the way they have been presented on screen like they are in different stages. The song has something from the 80’s and Koit’s voice reminds us the sound of the group “Modern talking” . Definitely they will qualify for the grand final.

ISRAEL: The last performer for tonight is Imri from Israel. A bit more muscled than before his body strength wants to cover a bit his vocal weakness. The song is up tempo and he is looking really good and shinny so you can ignore mistakes while he is been singing and dancing. For sure a qualifier for the final and possible a high position at the Grand Final.

After all the performances of the eighteen countries from the second semi final, we are seeing the performances of France, Germany and Ukraine, big five and hosting countries so the juries will have heard those entries already once before the grand final. In addition those countries are voting at the second semi final.

and that’s it from the Eurovision 2017 Press Rehearsal for the Second Semi Final. See ya all tonight at 21:00 CET for the jury rehearsal live from the Exhibition Center here in Kyiv, Ukraine