Zapraszamy do Eurowizji Młodych Tancerzy / the Eurovision Young Dancers 2013 edition live from Gdańsk, Poland. The show takes place at the Baltic Opera and ten nations participate for the trophy tonight. You can watch the show live on and through your national broadcaster (if your country participates) – read more information here. The ten participants will perform solo dance acts, group dance and then the final duo will proceed to the final round of the show. Find out how the winner will be selected here.

The opening of the show was a video in various spots in the city of Gdańsk with the ten acts dancing and then the camera go on stage which looks absolutely amazing. Tomasz Kammel is hosting the event and the production seems very good, the camera work is already impressive, nothing to do with the previous editions so it’s worth to watch for sure! The ten participants introduced along with the jury which is membered by Krzysztof Pastor, Nadia Espiritu and Cameron McMillan. The Ballet Boyz are backstage and present us to the format of the show and the participants keep warming up.

Vahagn Margaryan will perform a solo dance act of Blind Alley. The 17 year old dancer is giving a great performance in a modern ethnic tune and with the help of stage he gives an outstanding performance receiving a great applause from the audience, they surely love dance in Poland. “You fly like an eagle” says the jury. The only negative comment was that besides great lifts he should be equally great in the floor moves. More or less the jury comments were positive for the dancer. Well done Armenia we give it 9/10!

Yana Stangey performs a Esmeralda Variation. By the way the introduction videos before the performances are great. The ethnic dance of 18 year old Yana seems extremly good and this is (we remind you) the debut participation of Belarus in the contest. With an ethnic element ballet costume and a tabor Yana gives an outstanding performance. “Good to sure pure classic variation” was the first comment of the jury. The jury said that Yana is abe to have a professional career and impressed by the confident performance. Overall very positive comments. Well done Belarus we give it 9,5/10

The Netherlands
Sedrig Verwoert performs an act themed by The 5th Element. In a total blue colored tage the 20 year old dancers is playing mostly with his hands and the floor quite a difficult act to perform in my opinion. The move is quite impressive and smooth and seems like he is moved by the wind. The comments of the jury: truy contemporary style dance and well done were the comments of the jury overall also impressed by the act. Well done The Netherlands we give it 9,5/10 as well.

Stephanie Liekola Isla’s act is themed by Entrapped. She is introduced by Ballet Boyz backstage (she recently celebrated her birthday during the cruise of the delegations and the participants). I am not sure the dance act was delivered as good as planned. The moves and the sound combination were very interesting but at some points I think there was lack of ballance. Good comments but there were notes that transitions were kinda weak. Well done Sweden we give it 7/10!

Nikita Vasylenko’s act is based on the theme “The Legend of Spartacus”. The 20 year ols dancers receives great applause during his performance. Contemporary act with impressive ballet acts in it. Great openings and amazing pirouettes. The jury comments were disturbed a bit with the transition steps in between the pirouettes. They liked the performance but they think at some points Nikita was a bit affraid, great acrobatics the jury concluded. Well done Ukraine we give it 9,5/10!

The first five countries are now performing their dance act. Total ballet moves are well synchronized. The five dancers present us a dance act with great pax des deux, pirouettes, schisson. The jury overall gave positive comments.

Czech Republic
Adéla Abdul Khalegová’s act is based on “Love Under Pressure”. The 19 year old dancers gives a simple contemporary act based mostly on the move oh the hands. It might be less impressive in terms of presentation altough the technic was very hard. The jury was impreesed by the performance but they think there was lack of confidence in the performance. Ovearll the jury impressed by the choreography and the dance. Well done Czech Republic we give it 7/10!

Kristóf Szabó is performing under the song of “My Life and Love Might Still Go on in Your Heart”. The 18 year old dancer represents the host country tonight. His contemporary act is accompanied by some ballet moves and Kristóf is dancing interacting with a a white dress most likely from his missing love. Technically he was good up to the point. The jury enjoyed the performance but they say that they could understand the sentiment of the act even without the dress at the end. Overall positive comments by the three juries complimanting his honesty during the dance act talking about his somehoe unconvincing facials. Well done Poland we give it 7!

Julie Schartum Dokken’s act under the theme of “Moment”. Julie is 18 years old and two years ago Norway hosted the show if you remember. Contemporary act for Julie as well with ethnic music accompanying her act. Julie is dressed in a red outfit. Very simple but beautiful. The jury thinks the act was nice and pure but they wanted a better mood in the dance act and they didn’t quite like the connection between the moves but Julie managed to dance with the eyes. Well done Norway we give it 7/10!

Patricija Crnkovič will dance under the sound of “Passion”. Almost ballet act and Patricija is receiving already applause from the audience. Overall nice movement and dynamics. Nothing extreme but overall impressive. 15 year old dancer receives positive comments by the jury impressed by the movements and the jumps. One thing to consider is the ups and lows! Well done Slovenia we give it 7,5/10!

Felix Berning is performing with the tune of “Home”. The 17 year old dancer his the great legs gives us a great contemporary presentation. His smooth moves and impressive openings alng with the combination of great leg – hand combination was great. You have beautiful clarity and you were in control in the floor and in the air says they jury. Well done Germany we give it 8,5/10!

The next group with the rest 5 participants present their contemporary act (more contemporary act than the first one). Well choreographed and well synchronized (in comparison with the first group). Some ballet moves are also included in the act. This group was better than the fist group!


Time for their spontaneous dance act, the duel perform a total new act with a music they didn’t know up to know. Both get big applause (we think The Netherlands is more popular in the audience). They both combine contemporary and ballet moves. The jury impressed by both performances calling it powerful.