COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Copenhagen is getting ready to host thousands of artists, tourists, eurofans and media representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The first impression of the stage seems to have appeared on stage and everyone immediately remembered the stage of Baku back in 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The photo seems not to be fair to the actual Eurovision 2014 and we have the strong instinct that the stage will be more amazing and unique than that of Baku. (photo on the article)

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – At the same time various guest and interval acts prepared their rehearsals for the 59th Eurovision Song Contest at the 4th floor of Opera house in Holmen. One of them hardly preparing for her performance is Emmelie de Forest, the girl who proudly brought the third trophy to Denmark last year in Malmoe. (photo: Michael Søndergaard / DR)


MALMOE, SWEDEN – Swedish school students and DR team started a surprise collaboration. april 14 and 17 the students will perform the Eurovision 2014 entries at Nya Malmö Latin. They are giving a first impression to the DR team of how the performances will be like although the video of Russian stand-in performance seems definitely nothing with what Tolmachevy Twins and Fokas Evangelinos have prepared for the semifinal and the final. You can see stand-in rehearsals here.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Over 200 dedicated fans attended the video shoot for the British postcard. The idea is the fans and especially the kids to form the Union Jack flag! (original!). The fans were given blue ponchos and the way the flag is created remains a secret for May 10th!


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Copenhagen has it all! Rich history, cool design architecture, first class gastronomy, green thinking living and some of the most happy and open-minded people in the world.