Listen: Emma Marrone – Resta Ancora Un Po’

ROME, ITALIA – Emma is back! The talented 2014 Italian entrant (who unfairly finished 21st on Copenhagen’s scoreboard) has projects underway and seem to have easily survived her Eurovision experience.

First of all, she has just released the highly expected song “Resta Ancora Un Po’” (Stay a little bit longer). This release was highly expected by her fans (I Marronators) since she has been performing this track for the last two years as a duo with singer Anotonio during her “Emma 3.0” tour. It’s a typical Italian ballad that is very sweet, even when Emma performs it on her own.

Moreover, on November 11th, the Italian diva will release a live album (CD and DVD). “E’ Live” (It’s live), will be the recording of her July 7th concert in Verona. A nice way for Eurovision fans to discover Emma’s hits. Brava!


I’ve been a fan of Emma since 2012 and her victory in Sanremo. Believe me, forget “La Mia Città” and watch “E’ Live” if you wanna understand why Emma is the most talented and successful artist of her generation in Italy. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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