Line up for EC Germany annual convention announced

COLOGNE, GERMANY – EC Germany announced the event for their annual convention which will take place in Cologne, Germany on November 22nd and proudly presents: Axel Hirsoux – Belgium 2014, Suzy – Portugal 2014, Eleftheria Eleftheriou – Greece 2012 and Cindy Berger – Germany 1974. Heppi Herrlich & Sascha Korf will host the event.

For members of EC Germany 29€ early bird rebate (the fee has to be on our account until Sep30!), from Oct01 – Nov20 the fee is 35€ and 40€ at our box office. For members of other OGAE fanclubs and non-members 34€ early bird fee (same as above: the money has to be on our account latest Sep30), payment between Oct01 and Nov20 means 40€ fee and 45€ at the box office. Please register at Chris Köther

If you wish to sell CDs, DVDs, records etc. please also register at Chris and please do so until Nov10. No participation as retailer without previous registration!


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