Labor Solutions How To Get The Right Staff at the Right Time

One of the biggest challenges facing any business is how to have the right level of staff when you need them. If you have too few your existing staff are likely to be upset and productivity and quality will gradually fall. In contrast, have too many staff and you will be reducing your profitability and your staff are less likely to be motivated to improve productivity and workplace situations. 

It can be hard to find the balance! 

Creating A Schedule

If you have been trading for a year or more then you can use the previous information to locate trends. Assuming your business is growing the data won’t be helpful in calculating exact staff numbers as you will always need more. However, it will tell you when the busier periods are and when you will need additional staff.

Know Productivity Rates

Alongside this, you should figure out how long it takes for each job to be completed. This will help you to create a time allowance that concurs with productivity requirements.

For example, if you know it takes 30 minutes to create one item and you need 100 items you know it will take 3,000 minutes to make the 100. That’s the same as 50 hours. 

Knowing this will help you to identify how many staff are needed at any given time, depending on productivity demands.

Get Staff On Standby

It is not easy to have casual staff just waiting to be told if they have any hours or not. That’s why you’ll find the best solution is to use a labor hire firm. Create your contract with them today and then, when you need them, you can simply call the company and they will send you the additional staff you need. 

The best part of this is that you have a contract with the labor hire agency. You don’t need to worry about creating contracts and paying labor hire staff, you just pay the labor hire agency bill. 

The staff can be got on an as-needed basis and they will already be vetted and qualified. It doesn’t just help you deal with sudden production changes, it is also perfect for covering sickness and other unexpected absences.

Additional Note

Any time you take on a member of staff they need to be trained. Even if they have experience in the field they will need to be shown how to do it the way you want it done. This takes time but it is considerably less with someone who you have worked with before.

That’s another advantage of the labor hire agency, there is a good chance you can take on someone that you have used before, making the entire process simpler.

Save Yourself Hassle

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose labor-hire staff is that it is significantly easy for you. You can trust the labor hire agency and they will take care of everything for you. That means you can continue to focus on what matters, your business.