KLAPA S MORAThe 2013 Eurovision representatives of Croatia spoke to oikotimes.com about the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and their song.


When did you receive the proposal to represent Croatia at Eurovision in Mälmo? What were your first thoughts and feelings After the selection of a klapa-style pop song in a competition held in mid-January by HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision), the choosing of singers got under way. Mr Mojmir Čačija, the klapa vocal producer, picked out the six of us from the great number of klapa singers in Croatia. Naturally, that’s an offer one can’t refuse, so we’re all very happy to be chosen and to be able to show what we can do on the European stage.

Why have you decided to support klapa instead of a modern tune?
That’s not the right question. Klapa singing really is a traditional way of performing songs, but we aren’t performing in the original way, a cappella, but rather with a modern contemporary arrangement. Our song joins together both tradition and a modern sound.

Tell us more about the group, when was it created? What is the origin of the ensemble? We didn’t exist as a group beforehand. We all sing in our klapas or groups, but specially for Eurovision we’ve become “Klapa s mora” (“the Klapa from the Sea”).

Do you agree about music styles? What are your favourite artists?
Well, we all like klapa music, pop music from Dalmatia, and two of us are opera lovers. Our musical tastes were more varied in our youth, when there was a rocker and a fan of heavy metal among us…

Do you play any instrument?
Leon learned piano at elementary school. The rest of us don’t play an instrument.

Have you sung in any other band before joining to Super Klapa?
Not only have we sung, but we still do sing in our own klapas. Marko and Nikša sing in Kampanel, Ante in Klapa Sinj, Leon in Klapa Niko, Ivica in Klapa Sebenico and Bojan in Grdelin.

Could you tell us how is a day together? How do you spend your free time between recordings and rehearsals? We all knew each other beforehand, at least by sight, so we spend our free time together talking, joking and, most of all, singing… We love singing so much that even in moments of relaxation we sing.

What is your top song Croatia ever sent to eurovision so far?
“Vukovi umiru sami” (“Wolves die alone”) by Boris Novković, Doris Dragović’s “Marija Magdalena” (“Mary Magdalene”), ENI’s “Probudi me” (“Wake me up”)… Well, there have been lots of good songs.

Do you think Zagreb is ready to host a Eurovision event if you win?
We believe it is!

Do you have fans? What was the most extreme reaction a fan had on any of you?
We love the reaction to the song. When a fan says that the song is good, or even the best of all that have represented Croatia in recent years, that really makes us happy.

We know some of you are athletes, how can athletics and music are combined?
Both sport and music actually relax the body and enrich the soul… You often do them both in the company of friends and in free time.

Could you send a message for our readers?
Sing along with us and cheer for us! Songs have no language or borders; they connect us.

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