MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The producer of the Russian entry Philipp Kirkorov talked about everything in a very interesting interview that he gave to the main newspaper of the country “KP”.

In the question about how difficult this year Eurovision is going to be for Russia because of the political circumstances Kirkorov replied: “Of course it is going to be a very difficult year for Russia but for me Eurovision is a song contest that should bring people together.For that reason our team is as much international as possible with people from Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Sweden, the UK, Portugal working together. For me this is the concept of Eurovision. After all through this festival I met Ani Lorak , my closest friend who is now like family to me. I am the Godfather of her child and nothing in the world will change my attitude to her and her attitude towards me despite the fact that she is Ukrainian and I am Russian.”

The next question was about the song “Shine”. The journalist revealed that the song was recorded the night before the deadline and asked Philipp Kirkorov when he was invited to take over the Russian entry and why he chose a ballad and not a dance song for Tolmachevy sisters. Kirkorov said that he was invited two weeks before the deadline and he and his team immediately accepted: “To be honest our first idea was to write a dance song like “Shady Lady” for the girls but then we thought that we have already done that with great success.This is when I said to my co-author Dimitris Kontopoulos that it would be great if we made for the girls a song with strong sixties influence. After all sixties is a huge trend and I loved the contrast of two 17 year old girls singing a ballad of that style. We know it is a risk, but my experience says that if you need to take a risk in order to have success”.

Kirkorov believes that their biggest advantage is that the girls are very young but that all members of his team understand the complexity of the circumstances. “Usually we subscribe to notoriously successful projects. This year we understand that we are on our way to calvary and that we are not going to leave the calvary alive. Our goal is for no one to be ashamed of what they will see from our country in Eurovision.”

At the end of his interview Philipp Kirkorov reveled that the famous Greek stage director Fokas Evangelinos, will be responsible for the performance of Tolmachevy sisters. Fokas Evangelinos has won Eurovision song contest twice (Greece 2005 and Russia 2008) has been two times second (Ukraine 2008 and Azerbaijan 2013) and one time third (Greece 2004). Finally he revealed that the dresses of the sisters are going to be designed by Ulyana Sergeenko, one of the most famous Russian designers.