KATHLEEN RAYTERToday, we have a sad news from the Israeli media, which are reporting that Kathleen Reiter, first winner ever of ‘The Voice’, in Israel, has withdrawn from tomorrow’s final. She blames the jury for favouritism, confessing that some jurors told her, that they won’t be voting for her. The letter she wrote to the Israeli media, published in full at http://omritv.co.il/archives/8659, she adds that there’s no choice for her to do it, which is a pity, as she always wanted to take part in KDAM and represent Israel.

She thinks, it exists a conflict of interests with many of the jury members, who have decided to settle low scores for her. In conclusion: they wouldn’t be voting for Jusqu’a moi. Also, they say, Kathleen is a coward and they also blame her for fishing for votes, even before the final is starting.

Reiter keeps saying in her statement that her management has met several times with the members of KDAM & IBA production team with a demand to replace or eliminate the jury members suspected of having hidden agendas. However, after an ultimatum set up by Reiter’s management had come and gone without IBA doing anything about the matter, Reiter left with no choice but withdraw. Withdrawal from KDAM carries with it a 50,000 shekel fine (โ‚ฌ10,000) as well as grounds for a court case. It is still uncertain whether this fine will apply to her management team.

IBA have released a statement published on ynet.co.il expressing regret for Kathleen’s decision and reiterated that an external lawyer supervises KDAM’s voting and the televoting counts a 50% of the total score (at the Second Chance round, counted the 100% of the score). They go on stating that every singer has the right to follow his conscience, however they hope that the decision was not influenced by an ulterior motive.

It’s remarkable that Kathleen ranked directly to the final, in the 1st semifinal of KDAM 2013. From ฮฟikotimes.com, we wish her the best of luck on his career.

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