BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – After skipping the contest in Oslo, Hungary came back in Düsseldorf with Kati Wolf and What about my dreams. Even though being of the fan favorites, she finished the contest only 22nd. Now Kati is planing a return, as she announced at London’s Eurofest. She has sent a song to MTV and she hopes that she will participate at next year’s edition of A Dal, the Hungarian national final. Her song is called Ne engedj el (Less I care)


Hungary debuted 20 years ago when Friderika Bayer sang Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet? Friderika finished fourth and that is still their best score at the contest. They’ve participated until 1998 with the execption of 1996. They withdrew from Eurovison for six years and came back in Kiev with Nox and Forogj, vilag. Till today they’ve missed the contest on two more occasions – in 2006 and 2009. They didn’t do very well, but their last two representatives, ByeAlex and Andras Kallay-Saunders finished 10th and 5th.

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  1. Man, I hope she wins the Hungarian ticket! She’s an amazing singer! :)

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