We all wondered why Katerine Avgoustakis is not submitting interest for Eurovision Song Contest selections in Greece despite what happened to her entry in 2010 when she was disqualified as her entry was prior to ERT rules uploaded on the web. We have secure sources that the national broadcaster is upset with the artist for a very basic reason:

She is not speaking a single word Greek. Since 2010 she had great chances to learn the basics of her homeland language but she is not able to speak in Greek to the local media. This is the reason why the option of Katerine Avgoustakis is forbidden from at least two record labels and somehow by ERT as well. Record label sources are also not interested to promote Katerine in Greece for the same reason. Despite her award in Poland back in 2009 she has no media attention in Greece although she cried a lot in the press conference for her disqualification in Athens back in 2010.

Don’t you just love gossip?