LIEGE, BELGIUM – Jonathan Cerrada, the 2004 French entrant has decided to put an end to his music career. After a tragic loss (his older brother died seven months ago), the young singer has decided to move to Bali, Indonesia and focus on himself and his family.

Jonathan explained his choice on his Facebook page, declaring:
“My family and I have been devastated by the loss of my brother Julien and this is by far the most terrible thing that has ever happened to us. It has now been seven and a half months since it happened, and somehow we try to overcome this ordeal a little bit more every day. During the past few months, I have tried several times to get back to the music. Initially, I thought that music would come as my escape.. I would say that this is not the case, unfortunately not.”

“I realise that if the music still fascinates me so much, I am also forced to note that if I really listen to myself and try to read the signals my recent musical experiences have sent me, I must admit that at the moment I do not dream of a new album. It is as if I felt completely at odds with the middle and the people who constitute it. Far be it from me to judge anyone but I’m not a buzz guy. I’m not done either for cronyism and even less for this new kind of TV which relies on the old glories. It may offer new opportunities to those who seek them, but honestly, my aspirations lie elsewhere and I just think I dream of a simpler life elsewhere. For now, I just need to listen to myself and make choices based on who I am today, devoting myself to other projects more fulfilling.”

Belgian-born Jonathan Cerrada rose to fame in France in 2003, as the winner of the very first edition of “A La Recherche De La Nouvelle Star” (the French version of Pop Idol). A year later, he was chosen by French broadcaster, to represent the country in Istanbul with the song “A Chaque Pas”. Since then, Jonathan has released two albums and played in a musical. But his musical career was rather discreet.

we wish him all the best for his new life

Written by Olivier Rocher (France)

Salut! Born just a few days after Marie Myriam's last victory for my homeland (that's a sign), I've been an ESC fan since Zagreb 1990. In late 2013, I was lucky enough to join the Oikotimes team and even attended my very first contest in situ in Wonderful Copenhagen. Then it was Vienna, Sofia, Stockholm and soon it will be Valletta and Kiev. More to come...

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