BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – The man who broke all the records in winning the Eurovision Song Contest twice as a singer and a third time as a composer is on a European tour and now he heads to Romania.

Speaking to Libertatea, Mr Logan said that he would be honoured to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest if TVR selected him internally!

“If you trust me and you love my music, I would be honoured to represent Romania. I feel at home among Romanians, Iโ€™ve met some great [Romanian] guys back in Ireland. I would only disagree with one thing: your national preselection.”

On November 13th he will be in Bucharest for the show “The Best Pop Music in the World” with Lou Bega, Boney M, Gazebo and Paul Young.


Don’t know really how to comment this one: on the one hand it’s so nice and noble to see such an artist in that age to keep fighting for music and especially for music through Eurovision. He is not doing it for the money, he has a lot of them that’s for sure. On the other hand it sounds a bit desperate: why to go for Romania? With what basis will he represent the nation of Romania in Vienna? Didn’t he think how the Romanians will feel and how they will be to identify themselves with his entry in such a project? If it’s like Greece asks Dima Bilan represent them in Eurovision!