AALSMEER, THE NETHERLANDS – The video host Femke ‘Junior Songfestival’ winner 2012 asked Actress Katja Schuurman, how she experience being a judge in the show and how old she was when she started singing.

Katja says she didn’t had the intent to become a singer because it wasn’t her natural talent.

Then she continued saying that she joined the cast of the Dutch soap ‘Goede tijden slechte tijden’ at 19 years old and she and 2 other actresses became very popular after singing one of the songs on the Cast Album.

Katja says that she liked performing and that she would definteley participate at Junior Songfestival if she was much younger!

After that conversation Katja said she expects the final to be very fun and thinks we’re gonna have an amazing winner!

special thanks to Isanne Yard (The Netherlands)

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