KYIV, UKRAINE – Late this afternoon the Executive Producer of the show key facts about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Roman Keryk gave us a true guide tour in and around the stage and the control rooms. You can read the interesting report below and check the photo gallery below.

Creative concept
Be creative! Basic element the Puzzle-Man was used in the logo, stage design, postcards, website design, visual identity and souvenirs.

Innovations of Junior 2013
1. The length of entry songs has grown from 2.45 minutes to 3 minutes and the timing of postcards – from 30 to 50 seconds.
2. The drawing procedure for the running order was held with contestants’ participation. Previously the ceremony took place at the official opening with Heads of Delegations.
3. The number of winner has also grown to – golden, silver, and bronze winners as it is at Olympic Games.
4. Voting results are announced by each of participating country spokesperson on the stage during the show.
5. Voting system: children’s jury consists of one kid, under 16, from each country. Results of children’s jury voting are added to national voting results from each country.

Key production facts
The preparation for the JESC-2013 in Kyiv started in May 2013. It took few months to create a team, develop the creative concept, prepare necessary equipment to do a world-class show. In total there are more than 600 lights, sound and other devices are used on the stage and in the venue hall. Additional 70 devices are used for Euroclub. The weight of all equipment is 65 tons, 38 tons of which are lifted above the stage and venue hall. There are 15 cameras to take the best possible picture for the TV broadcasting of the show, including a spider-cam. Filming is done in Full HD quality, and sound – in the best quality format Dolby E.

A great team of nearly 250 talented people, including volunteers, is working together to make an incredible show, soon to be watched by millions of viewers across Europe. This year huge international production team was gathered by the host broadcaster National Television Company of Ukraine and European Broadcasting Union to create an unforgettable show.

International professionals
Ola Melzig – Technical Supervisor JESC-2013. Ola Melzig is responsible for technical infrastructure, installation and management of lighting, sound, television filming, scene designing and special effects. Ola has been working for Eurovision Song Contest since 2000.

Marek Mill – Multi-camera Director JESC-2013.

Stage Design
Elias Ledakis – developed and consulted stage design together with Ukrainian design team. Elias Ledakis has 20 years of professional experience in stage design. The stage at the National Palace of Arts ‘Ukraine’ has become a puzzle-scene that gives the 3D effect show for the audience and TV viewers.

Logo and Stage Concept
Ukrainian design team was in charge for creating a logo and concept scene. The team was consulted by Vangelis Ntezes, Greek designer 3D-artist, and animator. Vangelis is also known to work with Elias Ledakis for seven years.

Show script
Alex Worall is British novelist and screenwriter who is a part of script writing team. Alex Worrall is experienced writer from the UK.

Light show
Jerry Appelt, together with production team of National Television Company of Ukraine, has created a lighting design of JESC 2013 show. Jerry Appelt is world known light designer and director. Jerry is a key figure of JESC-2013, because a light decoration is very important part of the creative concept of a the show.


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