As Belgium will no longer participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the head of the JESC steering group, Blegian Steve De Coninck-De Boeck, has resigned from his post. The EBU is said to have fully understood his decision.

De Coninck-De Boeck has served as Chairman of JESC since 2005. With the contest significantly losing its popularity over the years De Coninck-De Boeck believes the contest still has some power left in it. “I don’t think that JESC is dead. It is increasingly evolving into an Eastern and Central European Song Contest, but there is a lot of interest in the festival there. I think it will survive”, he said.

Last Friday the deadline for broadcasters to join this year’s contest expired. Less than 12 nations have applied to take part, forcing the EBU to hold one on one talks with broadcasters in an attempt to hold a decent competition later this year.