KYIV, UKRAINE – On November 30th NTU, Ukraine’s national broadcaster will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv for the second time in five years. At a time when the show is considered by some as a threaten event, NTU has decided to prove the world Junior Eurovision is big, organizing it in a vibrant and professional manner.

After the revelation of a spectacular stage (by Greek designer Elias Ledakis) and the announcement of some innovations (awards to the top three entries, national spokespersons in situ…) today NTU announced the name of the man who has been chosen to be the show’s scriptwriter: Alex Worall.

Alex is an experienced British writer and a BAFTA laureate. He has an impressive record in scriptwriting and had collaborated with very important broadcasters (MTV International, Channel 4 to name a few) and the 11th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be his new challenge.

The idea behind this year’s script is to allow participants and spectators to plunge into a real fairy tale. A lot of magic, humour and fun have to be expected but no secret has been revealed yet…

All we can say is that NTU and the EBU, with their script choice, are proving that they want to stick to Junior Eurovision Song Contest’s theme … be creative!

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