Armenia hosted the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and most Eurofans still claim it was the most average edition of the contest. The show took place in Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex on December 3rd in capital Yerevan. 13 countries only took part in the contest. Public and jury televoting 50% each was the voting system while all countries as usual begin with 12 points in the scoreboard. This time the spokespersons shall read out all the points during the presentations of the points, which is possible due to the lower number of participants. Also, viewers will no longer be able to vote during the entire show, but only after all songs have been performed.


01 Russia Katya Ryabova Romeo And Juliet 099 04
02 Latvia Amanda Bashmakova Moondog 031 13
03 Moldova Lerika No, No 078 06
04 Armenia Dalita Welcome To Armenia 085 05
05 Bulgaria Ivan Ivanov Superhero 060 08
06 Lithuania Paulina Skrabytė Debesys (The clouds) 053 10
07 Ukraine Kristall Europe 042 11
08 FYR Macedonia Dorijan Dlaka Zimi Ovoj Frak 031 12
09 Netherlands Rachel Teenager 103 02
10 Belarus Lidiya Zablotskaya Angely Dobra 099 03
11 Sweden Erik Rapp Faller 057 09
12 Georgia CANDY Candy Music 108 01
13 Belgium Femke Een Kusje Meer 064 07

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