BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – More information come in regarding Romania’s participation in Eurovision Song Contest as there is an indication that Mr Dan Manoliu (Romanian Head of Delagation) said the phrase “aparently not… unfortunately” when asked if Romania will participate in Copenhagen’s Eurovision edition. Although we got a screenshot of that conversation we cannot publish it as it was private.

EUROVISIONTIMES.BLOGSPOT.COM REPORT ON 16/11 – Social networking sites have seen rumours escalate today about Romania’s potential withdrawal. After an original post on their Head of Delegation’s Facebook suggesting they were to withdraw, Mr.Manoliu appears to have changed it to ‘nothing’s certain yet’.

He has now told Romanian fans that TVR have not yet made a final decision. Did he let the cat out of the bag too early, or is there still a chance Romania will participate in Copenhagen? Let’s hope so.

There is no official TVR statement at the moment

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