Is Technology the Health Care Solution for the Elderly?

From telemedicine and telehealth, providing access to education and treatment in remote regions, to health apps and tailored technologies that provide patients with assistance, and medical professionals with detailed monitoring and electronic health records by accessing data instantaneously, the advancements in technology have accelerated and amalgamated the methods of communication across all platforms of the medical profession. This has resulted in a complete transformation of the way in which patients, medical staff and researchers interact across the globe.

The Watcherr distress system is a wearable, health tech solution, designed to enable the healthcare industry to protect patients and the elderly, by utilising digital technology to enhance efficiency within the varied complex systems. This is done by providing detailed, accurate information on the patient in actual time. Watcherr is not a conventional nurse alert system, and the team of AI and data experts are in continuous development to provide a differentiated solution, incomparable to others currently on the market. This is done by continuously monitoring patients and residents, tracking equipment and staff movements, so as to create a more seamless, efficient method of informed, competent management within a residence.

Digital technology allows for storage and access of data, providing instant access to patient data at any given time. Data sharing, particularly big data, via the intranet or internet, has also ensured a more accurate, reliable means of sharing amongst professionals, keeping them abreast with cutting edge trends. Furthermore, big data allows clinicians to identify appropriate methodology for both prevention and intervention.

Beacons and gateways enable the Watcherr system to share critical information about the individual patients to care workers in real time. Working with pre-existing data, physiological irregularities are easily noted. This is done through technology designed to send instant alerts to healthcare staff, such as information about initial stage risks of falling and irregular sleep patterns, whilst monitoring the urinary and gastroenterological systems.

The healthtech applied to Watcherr also assists in our current battle with Covid-19. All residents, members of staff, visitors and equipment used in residences for the elderly can be tracked, providing such accuracy as to an individual’s movement over a preceding period of 14 days. Contact data can rapidly mitigate the risk of diseases being spread within a centralised environment. The technology is able to accurately provide an exhaustive amount of detail related to movement, including the time spent in contact with visitors.

Technology has facilitated and revolutionised the methods of communication between patients and medical professionals, as well as ways in which information and research is disseminated. This has had a positive impact on all aspects of health care, enabling advances in areas often proved challenging to the professionals, as well as to those reluctant to embrace the new and unfamiliar. Besides providing residents with a safer environment that improves well-being and peace of mind, Watcherr’s healthtech systems ensure optimal service is provided by staff members. Dementia and Alzheimer’s, most prevalent in citizens of an advanced age, often results in patients suffering from disorientation, and as a result Watcherr has developed a monitoring system that has an instantaneous alarm system using BLE-technology, sensing via AGPS if a resident has lost his or her way and is attempting to leave the premises. An alert can quickly locate and assist the person, making this a unique feature when compared with other similar systems available on the market.

Another important factor to consider about the Watcherr technology is its user-friendly design, and its minimal interference with the person’s physical being, whilst providing maximum impact on the resident’s quality of life, by using technology that provides assistance without asking for aid. When an event or a trigger occurs, it sends an automated alert based on data science, whilst it is also able to predict the prevention of disease, decline in general health conditions and social isolation.

Going forward, the world’s growing elder population is living longer than ever, and technology will continue to solve many health-related concerns. It is vital that technology continues to improve and prioritise on the needs of older adults so that well-being is improved and independence is maintained. This provides peace of mind and closely monitored health care to our senior citizens, reassurance for close family members, and reliable, swift assistance to the dedicated professionals who fulfil their critical role as caretakers and medics.

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