Is Hydrogen Water Actually Good for You?

hydrogen water

We need food, shelter and, of course water! Water has always been very essential to the body and the best choice for keeping yourself hydrated. However, some studies claim adding hydrogen gas to water increases energy especially among athletes and slows down aging.

What is this Magic Water?

Hydrogen water is hydrogen gas added to regular or plain water. Hydrogen is an unscented, colorless, and non-toxic gas that attaches with other elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, and others, forming different compounds, such as water and table sugar.

Water, naturally, contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. However, some say that infusing hydrogen gas with water is more beneficial to your body than regular natural water from the tap which they claim has its hydrogen atom infused with the oxygen therefore not beneficial to your body.

Hydrogen gas is infused with regular water and packed in bottles, cans and pouches- and it is pricey! One popular product selling for $18 per bottle with consumers being advised to drink at least 6 glasses a day and if that is not all, hydrogen tablets and hydrogen water machines are also gaining popularity- with tablets meant to be added to regular water before drinking and machines sold for those who want to make their own hydrogen water at home or at work. These products can be bought online in, in pharmacies and in health food stores around you

What are its Health Benefits?

Though research and results are limited in this area, some small trials look promising.

It could be beneficial to those with Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by high cholesterol, increased triglycerides levels, excess belly fat, and high blood sugar level in the body. Researchers have shown that hydrogen water is essential in improving risk issues associated with metabolic syndrome. However, more research is needed to confirm exactly how it improves risks of these conditions.

Could have antioxidant-like functions

Some studies say a daily drinker of water rich in hydrogen has the potential to reduce inflammation-related problems. Not only does it mitigate the current symptoms of inflammatory disease, it could also reduce the likelihood of developing the condition in the first place. For instance, it can be of great help to individuals suffering from asthma especially those affected by lung inflammation or inflammatory liver disease. There are also ongoing researches that indicate that hydrogen-rich water has the ability to alleviate the signs and delay the development of rheumatoid arthritis, which can have a significant effect on the joints. However, more studies are required to confirm if this function helps both healthy people and chronic cases.

Could be beneficial to athletes

Numerous organizations support hydrogen water to be a natural method to boost the performance of athletes. They say this type of product has a great benefit to athletes since it helps in decelerating the accumulation of lactate in blood as well as decreasing inflammation. A study carried on ten men soccer players showed that athletes who drank 1500ml of hydrogen water experienced lesser lactate levels in the blood and reduced muscle tiredness after exercising. However, more studies are required to confirm exactly how it benefits athletes and its effects.

It could result in strong muscles and bones

Research says, element hydrogen plays an important role in maintaining strong bones and muscles. However, water is an essential element that helps the body in keeping the preferred pH level of blood without taking supplements containing calcium and magnesium, which are kept in the bones and muscles naturally. This is said to help reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis in the future, which is caused by low protein content and minerals in the bones.

Could slow down aging

As you age, the cells of the body start to dehydrate, and as a result, the amount of hydrogen starts decreasing. Hydrogen elements are said to protect the cells from mechanical injury caused by the free radicals. Researchers have discovered that the simple way of bathing of smearing hydrogen water to the skin can improve the appearance of prevailing wrinkles. Hydrogen water has been observed to minimize the fine lines and improves the appearance of the deep lines. However, more studies are required in this area to understand how it slows down the aging process.

It could be heart-friendly

Hydrogen enriched water is said to be heart-friendly and helps in the good circulation of blood. Consuming sufficient water aids in maintaining the most important levels of fluids in the body that has a positive outcome in increasing the volume of blood. However, this shows that the heart is left under low pressure during blood pumping in the body. Hydrogen water is essential in keeping the heart muscles resilient and strong. This, however, requires more studies to confirm this function.

Should this Magic Beverage be Consumed?

Although most of the research on the health properties of hydrogen water displays positive outcomes, more studies and research are needed to be carried out before any conclusions are made.

Hydrogen water is commonly recognized as safe by the food and drug administration, meaning it is permitted for people’s consumption as it causes no known harm. However, the amount of hydrogen water needed to be consumed to achieve its potential benefits is not known.

Hydrogen water is recommended for use and highly promoted by some celebrities due to its positive effect, such as reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure, among other reasons. However, there are a lot of rumors and myths surrounding this product and until more studies are carried, some have chosen to consume the product with caution or as they say-with a grain of salt. The decision is yours.


Hydrogen water is created a debate with many people left in a dilemma. Although there is lacking extensive research confirming its health benefits and effects, small research has shown that hydrogen-enriched water has various benefits. Do you think drinking hydrogen water worth a try? Is drinking hydrogen water healthy? Is it just overhyped and is it the future magical drink? Well, these questions are best answered by yourself.