IRELAND 2013 EUROSONG PARTICIPANTSHello Europe this is Dublin calling. Ireland decides tonight for the Eurovision Song Contest and of course is bringing you a live review of the national final. The show is aired by at 22:35 CET and the Eurovision Queen will decide upon Eurovision 2013 through five entries tonight.


1. Son Kez/The last time – Inchequin
After a long talk on Eurovision with an attitude including remarks that the so far chosen songs in Europe leave still an open door for Ireland to win, we have the first song. Personally I don’t see why many people on facebook and twitter are excited about this. The song and the performance tries to combine Irish music, Turkish ethnic and midwest US country music somehow. I definitely dislike it. The jury is really excited with the song complementing the performers and they seem to love the combination of Irish and Turkish flags!

2. Crashing Down – Aimée Fitzpatrick
We continues with the second song and still remembering the opening talk with the panel saying that out of the crisis the country is in, Eurovision can make the people at least to forget their problems. Besides the barbie hairstyle, Aimée Fitzpatrick is giving a very good vocal performance. The ballad is something we have heard before but it is strong and well structured. The song runs smoothly although I would prefer a high key note in the end. Big applause by the audience. The panel comments and praise the vocals skills of the singer and they love the lyrics (I do too). Mature and solid are the words describing the song for the panel.

3. Fire – Zoe Alexis Bohorquez
After a commercial break we are back in the show. The third song is performed and I would like to hear what the celebrity jury will say about the bad, very bad vocal performance of this song. This act is suppose to be a pop dance act but it sounds so so so boring. There is a lot of struggling in the high notes but I have to admit Zoe Alexis is looking stunning! Weirdly the jury loved it and saw many potentials to the act if it proceeds to Eurovision 2013! they are deaf or they are music irrelevant!

4. Only love survives – Ryan Dolan
Before the performance the host chats with the composers of each song. On this one the composer says that he wanted a definitely Irish song for Eurovision and this is his aim. Ryan Dolan is performing next on the Late Late Show stage. He looks interestingly hunk and the song is a combination of electro-pop with many Irish elements. Most important the song is not boring. I think I have my favourite for the evening. Vocally the song is performed quite well (even the vocals are in tone). Of course the jury loved this one as well, as they don’t find anything wrong in the songs!

5. Kiss me there – Kasey
The last song for the night and already my ears are in pain. Kasey is an very beautiful woman but she is not a confident performer. The vocals are a bit shaky and the song is quite boring. Already the web reactions are negative and I truly cannot see her winning although the audience give her a big applause but you anyway know how Irish react in live TV shows. The jury is also excited with this song and it starts get suspicious and annoying. Eurotrash, babbly, poppy were the words used by the celebrity jury. They also praise her gorgeous look! we agree on that!

The lines are now open and a recap of the songs is aired for the viewers. Lordi are next along with other guest performers. Τhe panel also commented the selected Eurovision entries so far. The panel impressed by Denmark and mocked Greek entry a bit as it’s what the Greeks know what they are doing: protesting! anyway the intervals are almost over, the lines are closed and we are waiting for the winner.

Only love survives – Ryan Dolan are the winners as it was the most descent song in the national final tonight. That’s it folks and good luck to Ireland in Malmoe.


  1. Interesting comments from our Greek friend, so different from the gushing words used this week during that dreadful Greek final……….?

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