VALLETTA, MALTA – With the deadline for submission to the Malta Eurovision 2015 this thursday and friday, rumours are highly spreading on the island. One of them is the rumoured returnal of no less then Ira Losco!

The singer narrowly missed to win Eurovision back in 2002 with 7th wonder, a composition by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg. Since then the artist ruled out almost at all times a returnal to Eurovision as her style developped into a more poprockish style which is not really close to what one can expect at Eurovision.

However a returnal to the Malta Eurovision is one of the hot topics on the Island. One can put the question how fair the promotion towards the National Final would be in that case since Ira will be one of the hosts of the forthcoming Junior Eurovision one week before the National Final. This would be for the singer a non payable promotion and big push to win the National Final which would be something strange as PBS defended strongly the equal promotion for all artists.

Will we see Ira during the finals? This will be be known during september or early october when PBS will announce the list of selected artists and songs. Stay tuned on for more news on all national selections. In the meanwhile watch a performance of Ira and Gianlucca Bezzina during the National Final 2014 which they also hosted together.


The latest rumours says that Ira Losco will NOT be hosting the Junior Eurovision Songcontest in order to focus completely on winning the ticket to represent Malta at the 2015 Eurovision Songcontest. There has not been any official statement yet by PBS or EBU in this matter. It will be very interesting to await any official statement by Maltese broadcaster in this matter