Insurance for First-Time Drivers Over 25

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Over 25 drivers usually pay cheaper insurance rates than young drivers. However, for over 25 drivers who are first-timers, the situations and rules change.

New drivers, regardless of age, tend to pay higher insurance premiums. In some situations, first-time drivers over 25 spend more expensive insurance rates than experienced younger drivers. The existence of many insurance providers makes it easy to compare different insurance rates. Choose an insurance company that offers low insurance rates to first-time drivers over 25 years.

This blog will help you understand all the necessities for first-time drivers over 25 years and how to choose the cheapest insurance rates as a 25-year new driver.

How much does insurance cost for first-time drivers over 25?

The best car insurance for first-time drivers over 25 is always higher than the standard cost, according to JoyWallet. This is because insurance providers base the rates on the driver’s experience. Lack of experience translates to a higher probability of occurrence of an accident. Due to this, the premium costs are set higher. New drivers over 25 years mostly pay about $750 on average though the charges differ with states and insurance policies.

Expect higher premiums as a new driver over 25

Statistically, young drivers, more so teenagers, are involved in accidents more frequently. This happens because teen drivers have limited driving experience in harsh weather conditions or certain heavy traffic roads. This applies to all over 25 years old first-time drivers. They have no occasion to maintain a clean driving record. For this reason, expect higher premiums as a new driver over 25. 

You will be charged higher car insurance costs compared to your fellow over 25 drivers. The high insurance rates are charged as a caution for the expected errors as an inexperienced driver. The rates, however, reduce as you gain more experience. Until you get an insurable driving record, the premiums will always be high.

How long does it take for the high rates to drop?

Every insurance provider likes experienced drivers with a clean, insurable driving history. Insurance companies charge higher rates to any new driver regardless of age. As your driving experiences, the insurance rates typically drop with time. The insurance can be cut in half after a few years of gaining experience. Many insurance companies reduce the rates after three years of clean driving. Some insurance providers drop the pace as you continuously drive without a claim. For instance, a first-timer driver at age 26 may pay $5000 a year later at age 27, the rate drops to $ 4200, dropping to $3500 per year by 28 years. By the time you are 29 years old, you are paying $2500 per year, half of the original insurance cost as a first-timer at 26.

Typically, insurance premium rates should significantly drop from age 25 to 33 if you keep a clean driving history.

How much insurance do you need?

Insurance providers offer different auto insurance services. Collision, comprehensive, liability, and complete coverages are the most suggested car insurance policies. Selecting the right auto insurance might be a daunting task for first-time drivers, even over 25 yrs. Choose the right car insurance coverage from the following:

Liability coverage – this coverage aims to compensate for any damage caused by an accident from your car.

Bodily injury liability – this is a type of liability coverage that caters for medical bills to the people injured in the accident you caused.

Property damage liability – this covers damage caused to other vehicles if you are the cause of the accident.

Personal injury protection – this covers medical bills caused to people in your car. It pays for wages lost due to the accident.

Underinsured motorists coverage – this liability covers damages caused by other motorists who are not insured and cannot compensate you if an accident occurs.