VALLETTA, MALTA – The 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest has not even began its rehearsals in Valletta and already there are rumours spread here and there for the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest host country and city.

Last week there were information reaching for a specific Balkan state to have offered (or have been offered as an exchange for participation) the hosting of the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The information are not valid, as we managed to learn from secure sources within the EBU. Since 2012 Vlad Yakovlev’s policy on hosting country is clear and fair: we have to wait for the winner and at least offer them the hosting (at least out of courtesy).

Therefore until we have the winner of JESC 2014 we cannot even predict the host country for next year. The information we received claimed that the host country is already been decided because if one of the two favourites win (Malta or Cyprus) they already said they will not do it again, because Malta just spent millions of Euros in the current event and because Cyprus – which is bankrupt – already hosted the event in 2008 and they don’t intend to do it again.

One thing is for sure and verified: information about JESC 2015 shot country and city are false!

EBU’s JESC team was kind enough not answering at all to our e-mail about this information.