EYBOR INGI GUNNLAUGSSONThe videoclip and final version for Eg A Lif, will be released tomorrow, as the official Eurovision page of the Icelandic broadcaster (RÚV) has just reported.

Eythor, was spending only just a day, at the beginning of this week, filming the clip which includes some scenes on high seas, where he is over a platform. The director is no other than Guðmundur Þór Kárason, but also over 20 people collaborated. The singer admits that, the video was hard to film, as they had to reach, very difficult places.

The story moves between the reality and dreams and focuses on Eythor, himself and his sailor role, as well. ‘Eythor wanted to show his dreams, thoughts and memories on the video, and that’s exactly what we did’, Thomas Ingi Ragnarsson, graphic designer, adds.

Tomorrow noon, the official videoclip and final version of Ég Á Líf will be previewed at Channel 2 on the IcelandicTV. Also, it’s still a secret if him will sing in English or Icelandic, but Eythor hopes, everyone can enjoy with the result.