How to Switch BTC to LTC

litecoin with other cryptocurrencies

Today, a sufficient number of various exchange services operate in the financial market, which offers operations with cryptocurrency. The competition makes it easy for a user to find a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger with good deals.

The strengths of the cryptocurrency exchanger: the most profitable rate, low commission, complete security and confidentiality of operations. And first of all – an extensive selection of options for withdrawing and purchasing cryptocurrency.

Choosing the Best Exchanger

A list of criteria that you need to rely on when choosing an exchange virtual service will help to weed out scammers. Please note:

  • what currencies and payment systems the exchanger works with – almost each of them operates with major currencies. But it’s better to make sure once again that the list contains currencies and payment services you are interested in;
  • terms of the transaction – working online, the user can quickly compare what exchange rates are offered by different exchange offices. Looking at a few pages, choose the most attractive conditions for you. Speed ​​of operation – a reliable company operates with minimal or no delays;
  • commission size – before starting the operation, check the level of commission fees charged by the exchanger. Typically, this parameter differs significantly from company to company. Some services offer special conditions for exchanging large amounts;
  • reputation of the exchanger – try to find mentions of the selected exchange service in serious sources, this will determine how much you can trust him;
  • the work of technical support – questions about the conduct of operations, the process of submitting applications and other intricacies of currency exchange should be resolved simply and quickly.

Use Godex

Use the Godex exchange to convert currencies at lightning speed and with purely nominal fees. With us you can exchange Bitcoin for Litecoin and vice versa, in addition to this pair, we offer at least 18 more bilateral directions with the most popular assets on the market.

If Bitcoin is rightfully considered “gold” in the world of cryptocurrencies, then Litecoin claims to be “silver”. Its founder, Charlie Lee, claims that he did not set himself the goal of surpassing Bitcoin, but wanted to create a flexible payment instrument for ubiquitous use. And he succeeded: transactions with Litecoin account for the lion’s share of all exchanges, and in the world ranking of cryptocurrencies, the asset does not fall below 10th place. We provide fast and inexpensive Bitcoin to Litecoin exchange, allowing traders to actively use this popular coin in trading.

Litecoin is a limited emission coin, which means that it becomes more expensive as the deficit grows. In addition, by receiving LTC to BTC (more information), which is slow in terms of transactions, users acquire a fast payment method, which also does not require large fees.

To exchange Bitcoin to Litecoin, use our simple converter:

  • Wait for a suitable course – it is broadcast directly to the page.
  • Specify the number of coins given away or the amount you want to receive during the exchange.
  • Tell the system your account and wait for the transfer.

Exchange transactions generally take a few minutes, as Godex uses advanced software. In addition, we have profitable exchange commissions, thanks to which you can save a lot

Trade on Godex, use our convenient exchange and many other useful tools for traders. Both beginners and experienced players will enjoy working on our site. Join and make only profitable exchanges.