How to Lay Out Your Tipi Hire

How do you line up your outdoor venue with the expectations you have in your mind? There are many different factors you have to consider when it comes to your tipi hire layout, and we don’t want you to forget anything, which is why we have put together this list of things to consider when planning your event. 

Dancing and Dining

Most tents can be modified to your liking, as they are designed to be modular and customizable. If your layout is going to accommodate both dining and dancing, you may want a double frontage tent with the extra space to make it easy to move around. A tent with these parameters can accommodate about 130 people, and will have outdoor space too. You can set up a bar in the back of the tent, and create a spacious dance floor for the entertainment. 

The Business Event

If you are planning a large gathering for your business, you can use a sweeping design that uses space well and offers a great view. You can request that the tipi be raised or lowered according to your specifications and allow for spill over into the outdoor area. 

This lets you use some outdoor space for seating, if necessary, and you can have benches and tables set up outside to suit the needs of your business hospitality event, or for any kind of large event. The tents can be modified to fit bars and lounges, and you can bring several tents together to make a massive meeting space. 

The Smaller Party

If you are looking for something that is a bit more intimate, then try this layout that incorporates several bars and lounge-type seating. It is designed with social interaction in mind, creating fairly close quarters with enough space to move around comfortably. The design can be modified, of course, to create a spacious area in the centre for dancing or other activities. The lighting system can create soft mood lighting as needed to fit your aesthetic. 

The Satellite Bar

You can divide your gathering into separate, defined areas that each serve a particular purpose. This is a great way to create varied social spaces at the event that cater to specific interests and give everyone at the party a space to feel comfortable. Try a layout with stylish bars made of solid wood for a high-class experience. You can have a large central tent with smaller themed tents arranged around it to accommodate all of your event activities.

No matter what kind of event you are planning, Origami Marquees can help to bring your idea to life. Their experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that theirtipi hire services meet your needs perfectly.