How to Improve Business Productivity with Technology

increased productivity in business

Improving the productivity and efficiency of a business is one the key things which can lead to business growth. It doesn’t have to cost the earth (or even cost anything) and can be more about being creative and thinking outside of the box.

Over the past decade, the way in which technology has helped businesses to be even more productive has excelled at a dramatic rate. A wide variety of apps and software packages designed to help businesses improve productivity and efficiency have hit the market, with some providing better options than others.

First, Understand Existing Productivity

There are several different apps available which can help you to understand the productivity of your workforce, particularly for those within an office environment. These include free options such as Clockify, which can be used to measure the time taken for completing individual tasks across a working day.

Once you have an understanding of existing efficiency, you can begin to spot gaps and areas for improvement.

Using Project Collaboration Tools

For many businesses, they will have projects which require input from several areas of the business, and many different people. Some of these people may even be working from a different location, such as another office or remotely.

Using collaboration tools for business projects, such as Trello (https://trello.com/), can help to improve the efficiency of the project as all members can contribute at the same time, saving time spent on regular meetings and project catch ups to update on progress.

Keep Teams in Communication

In the modern business world, communication apps like Slack are widely used.. They help to keep teams connected and allow for instant communication between employees, both by text chat and voice / video calls. Most of these types of communication apps come with the option to create channels or groups for specific teams or activities.

Invest in an All-in-One System for the Ultimate Boost in Productivity

For the large number of businesses with team members working in the field, such as contractors, investing in a full scale field service management software solution, such as Red Zebra Software, can provide a significant increase in productivity and efficiency.

Field service management software connects employees working in the field to the full business systems, providing them with customer information, job scheduling, and stock databases. It also allows field agents to provide customer invoices and comes with reporting functionality via the app, rather than relying on length handwritten reports which can be prone to error.